Monday, October 18, 2004


Have you ever felt completely changed by an event or an announcement? Have you ever started seeing life differently by simply knowing something happening elsewhere or to someone else? Even when this does not affect you personnally? I guess most people have. I also guess this happens mostly when something big and negative happens. Take September 11th for example.

I am seeing life very differently since Friday evening. One of my closest friends shared some wonderfull news with me and even if this will completely change her life and mine will remain exactly the same, I see life more beautifully and peacefully.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

In all honesty

I honestly don't know if if this blog will ever go anywhere. I am not a writer and generally don't enjoy writing. Additionnally I tend to have problems being constant at things. For example, I start activities and tend to not continue them, and this must be deeply rooted in me as the problem goes back to my childhood.

Why on earth did I register and create this blog then? In all honesty simply because I needed to in order to post a comment on my friend's blog.