Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Scale of adjectives

It was wonderful to be back in Madrid last weekend. Walking around the city, shopping, wining and dining, but most of all I cherished the moments spent with my family and friends. They were unfortunately too short, as always, but marvelous. Moments to keep me going on for some time until I'm lucky enough to see them again.

But in the scale of adjectives, the strongest ones is the one to come. I am heading to a fabulous trip with my mother tomorrow. We will spend 11 days visiting and discovering the marvels of Jordan and Syria. A trip like we used to to do often when I was younger. An exciting and long awaited adventure I have been looking forward to.
I will therefore be absent from this blog for the next two weeks. But returning with phenomenal stories, flavours, smells, colors, and images to share. Till then take care of yourselves please. And be happy.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Here we come!

Our very much desired trip to Madrid was yesterday impossible. But miracles do thankfully happen, or maybe good budgeting, or simply luck in finding a Schnäppchen (i.e.chollo/bargain) The fact of the matter is that I am finally coming to Madrid after 4 months. Four days will definitely not be enough to see everyone and go everywhere, but I am not complaining. I am happy and look forward to this long weekend. Did I mention M is coming with me? He seems to be missing Madrid even more than me ;-)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Geiz ist nicht immer geil

There's a very fashionable saying/philosophy in Germany these days. Geiz ist geil. In other words, stingy is cool. It is now indeed considered cool to shop for cheap and to say how little you paid by such and such store. Discount stores like Aldi are thus incredibly successful, their clientele ranging from students, unemployed, to the normal mid-class population.

Being able to buy something for cheaper than budgeted is indeed quite nice. Especially now that we are pretty much living on one salary. But maybe just because of that, because we always need to budget everything in an attempt to save money, I have desires of all the things we cannot afford. Like a weekend trip to Madrid for example. IMHO (in my humble opinion) geiz ist nicht immer geil (i.e. stingy is not always cool!) Since when is Uncle Scrooge cool???