Saturday, February 10, 2007


Some of the latest news, some funny/good/positive (circle which fits best), some not...

  • -remember two years ago, when I had asked for a transfer from Madrid to Zurich? I had to reject their offer, as it was clearly miserable. Well guess what? They are now looking to fill in the Zurich position and are asking me my conditions. Clearly hilarious if that ends up working out!
  • -I finally received my salary for my two-week-record-job in January. Only that he only paid me for the two weeks and not for the entire month like he legally has to. I now need to inform myself whether it is worth pursuing this issue with a lawyer...
  • -My gastro is finally receeding. I'll be able to eat normal food very soon, hopefully even tonight =)
  • -We reserved the apartment we like yesterday. It's an altbau building, where all 11 apartments will be completely renovated. If it all works out (mainly financially) we'll have a beautiful 130 m2 flat, with high ceilings, 3 bedrooms, and a small balcony. The best of it all: we can choose all the finitions, layout, etc. =D

Thursday, February 08, 2007


My gastroenteritis became official late last night. I thus had to cancel my job interview and stay home today. Thankfully, the Berlin based company was understanding and has postponed my appointment to March 2nd. Plenty of time to get better, and fly to Switzerland as planned in order to help my mother with her move. The weather could not be more adapted to the circumstances: it's snowing non-stop.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bad timing

I woke up today feeling sick and weak. M came home at noon, sick as a dog. I am afraid we're both suffering from a viral gastric flu. Talk about bad timing: tomorrow is my job interview in Berlin. I truly hope:

a) I feel better tomorrow
b) my interview will be postponed if a) is not the case.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Ironically stressed

I have been going through a bit of a rough time lately. Leaving the job after two weeks was the right decision, but it has affected me more than I thought it would. The first ten days went by like a breeze, and then it caught up with me. Stress. Purely mental of course. Desillusion. Too many thoughts fighting in my head. Too much pressure to take decisions, to know where to now.

Although I feel better now, and I am more less letting myself grow with the flow, my body is telling me otherwise. I have physical reactions to my mental state. Naturally. Skin problems, backache, etc. Additionally, I am not part of the fortunates who loose weight with stress. Quite the opposite. I eat more. I also suddenly find myself being unable to take any decision whatsoever. Instead of doing and thinking afterwards, i.e. being my normal Aries self, I simply have stopped doing. And thinking.

Ironical if you ask me. I have always worked well under stress/pressure. But I don't seem to be doing so well under no pressure. Correction: under the high pressure I put on myself.