Thursday, February 21, 2008

back to reality

We are finally back from Miami. We returned with a bit of a suntan, lots of jetlag, a bigger and rounder pregnant belly, a whole bag full of adorable baby clothes we bought and lovely presents we got at the surprise baby shower for our little girl, and many extra kilos in our own suitcases. M caught my sister's flu, meaning we had to postpone our return flight to the 18th. He's never sick, but when he is, he gets the whole nine yards!

The vacation however was great. Spending time with my family felt wonderful. We shopped till we dropped with my mother, dined to our heart's and stomach's contempt with my father and his wife, and did a few excursions all together on the weekends such as renting a boat for a day. The return to reality is being quite hard, with the jetlag, the temperature change, etc. but thankfully M was prescribed sick days till the end of the week, so we can slowly readapt together to our normal german life. Don't know if it's all the vitamins I'm taking to fight M's virus, or if she's also jetlagged, but our little girl is doing aerobics in my stomach these days. Let's see if we can get rid of it - it being the jetlag, although getting rid of the aerobics would please me as well - before Nat comes to visit this weekend...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Miami vacation

The long awaited February 5th is finally almost here. Tomorrow morning we'll be off to Miami for a 10 day family/shopping sprea/relaxing beach vacation. I have to admit I am bit nervous about the long trip and the possible complications it could have on the baby and I, but I also know that everything should work out fine. It is after all the best moment to travel. I'll wear those horribly tight stockings that prevent thrombosis as ordered by my gynecologist, and follow her advice to move/walk often and drink lots of water during the flight.

I am certainly looking forward to being there, and have no doubt I will enjoy every second of this last-vacation-before-the-baby-is-here. See you when we get back!