Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I don't know why maintaining good relationships is so darn hard. But I find myself having to watch what I say and what not more often than wished these days. Why can't we just be diplomatically honest to each other without hurting each other's feelings? Why are relationships so delicate? Why do we take everything so personal?
Fortunately, I just cleared a misunderstanding that had been going on for the past month with my mother yesterday. Whether I expressed myself wrong or whether she understood me wrong does not matter. The fact is it happened, with my mother, with whom I have an excellent relationship and truly thought such a misunderstanding would never occur. Maybe the fact that I want everyone I love to like each other is the cause to all my problems. After all, I also don't like everyone my loved ones love.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Our look and see trip to Miami was a success:

Emily was an angel the whole trip; she did not complain once during the 11 hour flight to Miami sitting on our lap as no baby basket was provided to us (5 babies in total on the flight!); she came along when we visited houses the entire day, eating, sleeping and looking curiously at everything with no complaint; she started sleeping nights 7 hours in a row during our trip, which is a very big improvement; she slept in her little baby basket the entire flight on the return.

The house; we found a house close to our dream house. It has everything we wanted, i.e. a bedroom for us, a bedroom for Emily, a bedroom for guests, an office, a pool. Everything is new and done with very good taste by the owner's ex husband who is an architect. We're moving in December 9th. I'm pretty sure I'll feel as if I were acting in a Hollywood movie living in such a house for two years.

We were very busy the entire trip and were unfortunately not able to relax and enjoy the wonderful Biltmore facilities or the beach, but truly, que demande de plus le peuple?