Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I don't know why maintaining good relationships is so darn hard. But I find myself having to watch what I say and what not more often than wished these days. Why can't we just be diplomatically honest to each other without hurting each other's feelings? Why are relationships so delicate? Why do we take everything so personal?
Fortunately, I just cleared a misunderstanding that had been going on for the past month with my mother yesterday. Whether I expressed myself wrong or whether she understood me wrong does not matter. The fact is it happened, with my mother, with whom I have an excellent relationship and truly thought such a misunderstanding would never occur. Maybe the fact that I want everyone I love to like each other is the cause to all my problems. After all, I also don't like everyone my loved ones love.

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Audrey said...

Las relaciones son extremadamente complicadas y es demasiado fácil herir los sentimientos de aquellos que, precisamente, más amamos.

Así es la vida, y los malentendidos forman parte de ella.
No te preocupes, lo importante no es eso sino la reconciliación. Aunque a veces nos parezca que el otro/a está totalmente equivocado, uno de los ejercicios de amor más profundos es el de intentar entender a la otra persona y respetarla si no lo conseguimos.