Thursday, January 24, 2008

May the shopping begin!

I had my appointment with the specialist for the organ diagnosis today and M. came with me. The baby is healthy and everything seems to be functioning correctly. It measures 26 cm and weighs 400 gr, which apparently is in the standards. Also, the specialist was able to see that it's a girl, which confirms what everyone seemed to be thinking. I am extremely happy and will celebrate it by getting a much needed haircut today. Instead of a good bottle of wine, as I would have done in the past.
Oh! and of course by buying some adorable little baby things for our daughter. May the shopping begin! So been looking forward to that!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Week 20

We did go to the doctor yesterday, both very eager to find out the sex of the baby. However, it kept its fetal position, legs tight, thus refusing to let us see whether it's a girl or a boy. We'lll hopefully find that out next week, as we'll go see a specialist who'll make sure all the baby's organs are functionning properly with an ultrasound. Hopefully, as I'd love to know if I should buy cute pink little dresses or blue overalls when shopping in Miami in three weeks...

Anyway, the most important thing of course is that the baby is doing good, which it is, as well as the mother, and I am. Other than the 5 kgs gained in the last 5 months that is. My belly is showing more and more each day, which is obviously normal. A bit more bothersome is the fact that it is not clearly recognisable as a pregnant belly, meaning I just look fat to people who don't know me. Got to get get used to that I guess. Could definitely get used to M's proud and happy father face as he stared at our baby on the doctor's screen. That's also why I asked him to come with me again next week.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Over the Christmas holidays

We're back from Switzerland, where I spent 2 1/2 weeks and M joined me for the last 7 days. The skiing conditions were extraordinary this year with lots of snow, cold temperatures and a terrific blue sky. Too bad I couldn't enjoy them, skiing being too risky when pregnant. Instead, I met friends, spent time with my mother and Yaya, did lots of Christmas shopping and preparations, and grew a small belly in the meantime. That's it: can't close my pants any longer, although I still am able to wear them thanks to the discovery of the Belly Belt invention. I must say I can't wait till my gynecologist appointment next week when M will come with me for the first time and we should find out if it's a boy or a girl...