Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Tic tac

Times they are changing. Again. Until recently it was friends moving in together, and ultimately getting married. But we’ve now entered the baby phase. Slowly but oh very surely. Seeing my girlfriends having babies these recent past years was wonderful and impressive to watch. Tic tac. Observing how their babies are now growing is magic. Tic tic tac. But as I am now starting to notice the little bellies on my two other newlypregnant girlfriends, dare I admit that I wish that for me too? Tictactic.

As we were all four having drinks last night, Sus said out loud what I am thinking and not saying: “You should get married as you wait for the job transfer. It would at least be easier on both of you financially, especially as V is not working.“ Well that’s not exactly what I think, but part of it. Getting married for financial reasons was and will never be a good enough reason for me.

But this temporary waitandpraytogetthenextjob stay in Hanover is definitely extending itself more than planned hoped. And the clock keeps ticking. Tictactictactictactictactic. And I know that M is The One for me and that we will marry. The plan was later, after the job, the move, the new life. But I reckon, why not now while we wait for this new life after all? And I’ll go even further: why not try the baby project now, as I have to wait till we move to continue with my career anyway? Why and yet why not. I do think about it. But I also have many doubts. Is it really good to precipitate things all the time? I am not quite sure about anything these days.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Is it serious Doc?

SOS! Help! I have been seriously contaminated! The very bad virus going around has gotten to me! And I thought it was not contagious for women...

Not only am I watching football every day since two weeks, not that I have a choice about it actually, but now we won the ebay auction for 4 tickets to the FIFA Worldchampionship 1/8 final in Hanover and I am actually very happy about it!!!! Is it serious Doc???????

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Here & everywhere

It's here. It's everywhere you look. It's loud. It's colorful. It smells like beer and grilled sausage. It's often also takey. Since yesterday is Hanover completely upside down, overpopulated, invaded, unrecognisable, as the first local WM game was played here. And to think we I (seems to me I'm the only one having some trouble with it!) still have 30 days to go...

I therefore started a new project right here, the best way I found to 1. tell you all about my recent trip and 2. escape daily from this frenzy football atmosphere for a few minutes!

Friday, June 09, 2006


I had little or no time to connect to the Internet during my trip, but had I discovered eyeOS before my departure, it would have been impossible for me to not connect from every computer I saw. Even if that meant sleeping only 4 hours at night. Mobile desktop, what an amazing invention! And how practical! Have you already heard about it? Have you already played around with it? I am sure most of you have, as I am always late for these kind of technical things. I am just speechless. I am hooked. WOW!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pure magic

I am back. At least my body is. My mind has some trouble to leave all the wonderful places discovered, all the interesting people met, all those different flavors and hypnotic smells. It most probably will take me some time to land in rainy grey and cold Germany. But it should not take me long to process all the films I shot and start writing about my magic trip right here. A way to travel back to Damascus, Aleppo, Aman, Petra or the pink desert of the Wadi Rum again, at least for a few minutes... and a way to attempt to share it as much as possible with you.