Wednesday, May 30, 2007

VT hilarity

As you might already know, I "met" my husband on VT a long long time ago. Although it is supposed to be a travel-tip-sharing site, many of its members use it as a dating/networking service. I still log on from time to time, to read the new messages in my inbox, and to have some fun reading them. And God did I laugh hard today. So hard that I decided to share here the content of the message I got, as it is without a doubt, in the top5 I ever received!

"Hi V. If your not doing anything around Summer Time (Europe) in 2007, you could always join my friends and I in the Algarve Portugal. We are staying there for 2 weeks of sun, sea, drinks, clubs, pubs, party, party and then some more. I am just trying to make European friends so that there are some great contacts out there to share life experiences with. By the way we are Aussie guys living in Australia who regularly travel to Europe. anyway - it's a long shot but hope to speak to you soon.Cheers,M"

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All set

We are all set now. Our kitchen that is. Boxes and boxes of tableware invaded our small flat. Big plates, small plates, pasta plates, bigger small plates, bowls, serving plates, martini glasses, bordeaux glasses, white wine glasses, whisky glasses, OJ glasses, shot glasses. You name it, we have it. And 12 of each.

Meaning if you've already seen my petite basic kitchen, you are now asking yourself where on earth I will fit it all. Right. Absolutely right. On a un problème Françoise. For now, part of it has been stored in the cellar. But we will soon have to face a move to a bigger apartment, with a bigger kitchen, a guest room, big closets, and room for all my furniture and boxes that are still stored in Madrid. Sooner than later. Because after 17 months of temporariness, I need long-term.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Es una gran putada

The headhunter called me today. As soon as she asked me what I thought about the interview on Monday, I knew. Indeed, she soon confirmed that the company had chosen the other candidate. One that already knows the swiss market and has an address book.

The truth is es una gran putada. But the truth also is, I know I did not get it because it was not meant to be. It was not the perfect job after all. There's something better for me out there.

Whether we'll move on to the baby project instead - or not, still has to be decided. For now, we will go on a nice sunny romantic honeymoon. Asap.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

News briefs

It's been 10 days since the wedding. My feet still have blisters from it.
Not even kidding.

I had my 4th interview for theperfectzurichjob yesterday. It was the hardest and most stressful interview in my life. Overall positive. Me thinks.
No no, I did not apply for the position of President of the company.

A third balloon was found. We received the card per post yesterday. This one traveled approx.120km (found in Martigny Valais).
Truly amazing. Maybe miracles do happen sometimes.

My grandmother has finally forgiven me on Mother's day. Thanks to flowers and a phone call.
I did not apologize, not seeing a ground for it, not wanting to enter her stupid game.

Planning a trip to Ikea today. Looking forward to it.
Which will hopefully not become one of my famous ikea shopping crazes.

Your eyes are not mistaken. You are not hallucinating. The time of this post is correct.
Big time insomnia.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wedding report

Everything happened as planned. And what was not planned by us, such as surprises from friends, was absolutely adorable. We certainly had a blast, M and I, and so far everyone's feedback has been extremely positive. We also feel spoiled by all the presents and love our guests have shown to us. All in all a lovely fun harmonious international wedding. Except for a misfortunate incident at the end of the evening, and my grandmother now being upset at me (I did not take care of her according to her) we could not be happier. We cannot wait to see the pictures!

We actually created a website where all pics, stories and comments can be posted by our guests right here.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


The last days have been flying by. I felt wonderful, although stressed, completely absorbed in the big day's organization, solving every little detail like a breeze. Maybe that is why the news last night hit me so hard. But probably not. They would have disturbed me anyway, in any other circumstance, given what they entail. I learned last night that my grandmother is a member of Exit. And I cannot understand it or accept it. Although my mother insists that she won't ever use it as we give her plenty of reasons to live, I am deeply disturbed. I cried last night. I cried today. Tears fill my eyes every time I think about it.

I need to put that thought aside until after the wedding and cope with it afterwards by talking to Yaya. I cannot think about it now as I need to be enjoying our big celebration.