Tuesday, May 15, 2007

News briefs

It's been 10 days since the wedding. My feet still have blisters from it.
Not even kidding.

I had my 4th interview for theperfectzurichjob yesterday. It was the hardest and most stressful interview in my life. Overall positive. Me thinks.
No no, I did not apply for the position of President of the company.

A third balloon was found. We received the card per post yesterday. This one traveled approx.120km (found in Martigny Valais).
Truly amazing. Maybe miracles do happen sometimes.

My grandmother has finally forgiven me on Mother's day. Thanks to flowers and a phone call.
I did not apologize, not seeing a ground for it, not wanting to enter her stupid game.

Planning a trip to Ikea today. Looking forward to it.
Which will hopefully not become one of my famous ikea shopping crazes.

Your eyes are not mistaken. You are not hallucinating. The time of this post is correct.
Big time insomnia.

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