Wednesday, May 02, 2007


The last days have been flying by. I felt wonderful, although stressed, completely absorbed in the big day's organization, solving every little detail like a breeze. Maybe that is why the news last night hit me so hard. But probably not. They would have disturbed me anyway, in any other circumstance, given what they entail. I learned last night that my grandmother is a member of Exit. And I cannot understand it or accept it. Although my mother insists that she won't ever use it as we give her plenty of reasons to live, I am deeply disturbed. I cried last night. I cried today. Tears fill my eyes every time I think about it.

I need to put that thought aside until after the wedding and cope with it afterwards by talking to Yaya. I cannot think about it now as I need to be enjoying our big celebration.

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uma b. said...

Sólo ser miembro no quiere decir nada, no? Unicamente que eres consecuente con la dignidad de los demás y de la tuya propia. No dejes que esto te amargue ni un minuto. Y ponte guapa con esos coloretes que te habrás comprado en París... ;)