Friday, April 27, 2007

Hello nerves!

They have hit me at last. The pre-wedding nerves. People have been asking me for months now, whether I was nervous for the big day, and did not understand my lack thereof. I can reassure all these people today. I am fucking nervous! With all the little and big details still to solve, with the supposed and planned relaxing next week, which has turned into one of the most stressful weeks in the history of V's life, all this stress has indeed awaken the pre-wedding nerves.

I have said goodbye to a good night sleep and hello to the lack of appetite this week, which should theoretically make me a typical shiningly beautiful bride in 7 days. Thanks to the make-up classes that taught me how to look fresh despite the exhaustion, and the kilos I am loosing effortlessly that is. My only worry at this point being, how is a bride so... bride? Which and how many pills are recommended for me to get that placid happy angelic look on my face on the big day???

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