Monday, April 23, 2007


It is imho extremely hard to achieve perfection. Do-able, but oh so hard. With the help of my girlfriends, I have however achieved the perfect bachelorette party weekend. Correction. I have not achieved anything, they have, as they were the ones organising everything, thinking of every little detail, location, guest, etc. The only thing I did was to show up when and where I was told. No merit in that. The special thanks actually go to Beanie and Nat, the event managers of this perfect bachelorette party.

The weekend was really the perfect combination of hard core party and relaxed quality moments with all my favourite girls in the world. Well, some were actually missing, but the majority did make it, and I enjoyed every single second with them. And I enjoyed oh so very much to see them all getting along so well together. I had no doubt it would happen. They are all smart cool good-looking girls with many points in common. But it was great to see it and live it.

I therefore have a big challenge on my plate now. Strike that. Two challenges. 1. Trying to pay them back by organising a wonderful wedding, where they will all have a blast. 2. Trying to repeat this kind of girly weekend more often, such as for example once a year. For although I am completely exhausted from so much action, I feel more energised than ever!