Thursday, May 04, 2006

Here we come!

Our very much desired trip to Madrid was yesterday impossible. But miracles do thankfully happen, or maybe good budgeting, or simply luck in finding a Schnäppchen (i.e.chollo/bargain) The fact of the matter is that I am finally coming to Madrid after 4 months. Four days will definitely not be enough to see everyone and go everywhere, but I am not complaining. I am happy and look forward to this long weekend. Did I mention M is coming with me? He seems to be missing Madrid even more than me ;-)


uma b. said...

WHEN OH BUT WHEN TELL ME NOW SO I CAN BREATHE and eventually stop screaming in your comment box.

Saw your momma last night, she's doing great and so is mine.


V said...

Next Thursday =) till Monday. Any plans?

S said...

Me alegro mucho! Madrid se echa de menos, ai nou :P. Por cierto, el otro finde estuve en Luanco y me acordé de ti :).

Muchos besos guapa :***

uma b. said...

Call me, dahhlin'