Saturday, March 04, 2006

Potential girlfriend

I have met quite a few people these past two months. At the schools of course, but also because M has been organising dinners or drinks with many of his co-workers and their wives/girlfriends. All the guys were always very nice and interesting but the girls tended to be quite strange and uninteresting. I never found something in common with them. I was thus never really looking forward to seeing them again. What on earth were we going to talk about this time around?!
Last night was an exception. We had drinks with a new couple, another colleague of M and his wife. I like her. Sus is interesting open-minded cosmopolite, and we have many things in common. We immediately connected and chatted the night away. I believe I finally met a potential girlfriend. Et d'une pierre deux coups: Girl talks with Sus will make me improve my speaking German.

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