Saturday, September 16, 2006

A good read

Stumbling on a good read is such a wonderful feeling that I need to share it here with you. I ordered "The Kite Runner" on Amazon, along many other books, liking the reviews I read about it. I am now only half way through it, but I am enjoying it so very much, that I find myself riding on a rollercoaster of emotions along with Amir, its main character. I look forward to going to bed each night and reading a new chapter of this wonderful and touching book; looking forward to seeing whether I will shed a tear of laughter or sadness tonight.

What a great feeling that is!


uma b. said...

Glad to see you keep track of the lit section in ambivalence ;)

No, really, you are so going to rave about this book. And, hmm, keep a couple of kleenex at hand.

V said...

Lit section in ambivalence?????

Don't worry darling, I have a whole kleenex box at hand ;-)

uma b. said...

V said...

Ups. I read that post. Completely forgot about it. Alzeihmer already???