Monday, October 09, 2006

My life in bullet points

Did I mention that:

-the very simple self-designed invitations are printed and going out this week?

-I had a very good job interview last Friday and that I will most probably start working before the end of the year?

-I am leaving to Paris in 2 days to spend a girls' long weekend with Beanie and Nat?

-life is simply great? =)

1 comment:

Nat said...


Yep, Interview let's cross the fingers for the offer!
Yep, Invitations, can't wait to see that!!

And oh yeah.... Maria is already at home, Vodka to be bought BUT 4 different alcool brought @home 3 days ago (yep, sorry, no alcool in my new house... still have to work on my lover's uses...)....
And...... Credit card READY TO BE BURNT.....

I'll wait for you at CDG T1!!!