Friday, July 20, 2007

The secret of the Spaniards

I am back from my one-week-family-holiday with my mother and grandmother. All the efforts we made spoiling and taking care of Yaya were absolutely worth it. She was in heaven and enjoyed this week like a little girl on a rollercoaster ride!

As for the island, it was a big discovery, with its turquese fresh waters, virgin beaches, small houses, and charming ports. "The secret of the Spaniards" as Uma b.'s mother put it; "don't pass it on."

We certainly loved it, despite its unfriendly and inhospitable inhabitants, and will probably go back next Summer; my mother is already talking about renting a house for a month, which will be a big improvement from the hotel we stayed in, with its all you can eat buffet, and bingo animators dignes des Bronzés. So, if house it is, ¡me apunto! Hopefully M. will also come along this time around...

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