Wednesday, April 05, 2006


So many things have happened in the last week and yet so little time/inspiration to write about it. But I reckon a little summary update will do:
My mother came to visit us last Thursday. We visited the charming city of Bremen on Friday despite the rain and cold. Saturday was M's father's 60th birthday party and we thus all celebrated together (family and friends) until wee hours of the morning. I also celebrated my 32nd birthday but on a much lower scale: a nice dinner with my Mom and M was all I wanted. My Mom is now back in Switzerland and I am heading to the South of France tomorrow to meet Beanie for the long weekend.
On another note, my German classes are finished and I now need to find something to keep me busy. Whether it will be temporary job projects or classes of something in German, I don't know yet. I'll take care of that upon my return next week. Till then M might always get some feedback . . . never know and there's always hope!

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