Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Element of discord

It all began with a comment. A comment to be nice. A comment to make conversation. 'What a nice teapot!' I happened to say to M's mother one day. And I did find it nice. In her house. But I cannot say that I was happy as I opened my Christmas present from M's parents last December: the famous teapot every woman in M's family has in her household. I was actually horrified. For anyone who knows me well, that modern teapot is just not me. It just does not fit in my home.

I obviously fainted thankfullness in front of his parents, but could not lie to M afterwards. Naive me, I told him honestly how I felt about it. Which obviously led to a stupid argument. Aren't arguments between couples always caused by the stupidest worthless topics anyway? The goddamn teapot is since then the certain cause for conflict. The element of discord of our couple. I therefore never mention the word 'teapot' in front of M anymore. That word is now banished in our house. Please be advised if you ever come to visit and I serve you tea.

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