Sunday, July 16, 2006


"Get ready, we're leaving in one hour" M tells me Friday morning. "And pack an overnight bag 'cause we're not coming back till tomorrow. Don't ask any questions, it's a surprise." So began my Friday.

M had been planning everything for a long time, and hadn't said a word about it to me. Well yeah, that's what a surprise is all about you're probably thinking. But the fact is M has been very bad at keeping it to himself in the past. He would usually say something like "Darling, I have a surprise for you. Guess what it is", thus ruining the surprise effect. But he apparently learned his lesson.

My Friday ended at the Robbie Williams concert in Hamburg, surrounded by 80'000 people. Considering Robbie was our very first concert together in Madrid and "Feel" is our special song, it was a wonderful surprise. Although not the only one of the day. But that's another story and another post . . .

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S said...

qué pasada! a mi tb me encanta robbie williams y Feel es una de sus mejores canciones. M no es un hombre, es una joya! jajaja Me alegra que estés bien, el finde pasado estuve en las fiestas de Luanco (el Carmen) y me acordé de ti :)

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