Thursday, December 06, 2007


Thankfully, I have been able to visit Sus yesterday and today, and I am pretty sure I was thus able to help her feel better, even if only by keeping her company, making her think about something else or making her laugh. She's the one who made me realize I should be slowly but surely starting to make some decisions, such as choosing my midwife and registering for the classes I want to take. She made the mistake to wait until late in her pregnancy, and she thus was quite limited in her choices. Indeed, by the time I come back from the Christmas holidays in Switzerland, it will be January, and I will be in the 20th week, so if I want to take the yoga class for pregnant women for example, I should at least find out when the classes begin and register before the class is full.

As for the midwife, I really hope I find one who speaks either english, french or spanish, which would make me much more comfortable. But another wish I have, is that she can be present during the birth, as here in Germany your gynecologist is not in charge of the delivery. You choose the hospital, and pray that you'll like the gynecologist in charge that day/night when the baby decides to come. So if at least the midwife would be there, I think I'd feel better about having that familiar face around, other than my husband of course. Meaning I would need to choose a midwife who works at the hospital where I want to give birth. Meaning I need to be choosing the hospital... already!?!?

... three important decisions I need to be taking very soon, although I thought I had all the time in the world ahead of me. Any advice is more than welcome.

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Seeker said...

My only advice is not to get stressed or hassled during your pregnancy. A child born of a happy mother will be a healthy happy child.

All my best wishes :-)