Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Troublesome phone call

I don't know if it is because I'm pregnant and am therefore maybe more sensitive to bad news these days, but the phone call of Sus' husband today really affected me. He began by canceling our dinner plans and proceeded to explain that Sus is in the hospital, being operated as we spoke, due to a pneumothorax (collapsed lung.)

It's not a big operation, although we all know that any operation implies risk, and she'll be fine. She will have to stay for at least a week in the hospital however, and they have therefore canceled their trip to Italy this weekend, and called Sus' mother to take care of Gabriel in the meantime. I might not even be able to visit her as apparently Sus might still be contagious from her intestinal flu, so the doctor said. But it is just shocking me how quick things can happen, how our lives can change in seconds, maybe more so knowing that I will soon be a mother. Sus is always so healthy and so full of positive energy. I wish I could be there for her.


Ori said...

your so right, our lives can be so fragile and can turn bad in a minute...

Anyway, hope your friend will feel good.

V said...

Thanks Ori. My friend is feeling better and I was even able to visit her.