Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life with Emily

True to her genes - as punctual as a German and precise as a Swiss clock - Emily was born on the due date, i.e. June 3rd 2008. At 19h14 to be exact, after a 16 hour labor. To everyone's surprise, as my doctor had repeated during my entire pregnancy that Our Little One was a small baby, she weighed 3830 gr, measured 50 cm and had a 37 cm big head.

So much has happened since then. We are both back home since the 7th, M took the following week off which we spent all 3 together, my mother came to spend two weeks to help me, and I have been spending and treasuring every single second with Emily for three weeks now. I can't imagine my life without her, remember what it was like before she came. It's like if she'd always been around.

She had a very calm and quiet first week, and has grown nervous and impatient since her second week, having colics every evening for hours. We are trying everything, Sab simplex drops, the swaddling technique, the cherry pillow, reducing certain foods from my diet, but we haven't found THE magical remedy yet. If there even is one. We probably just need to wait the famous 3 months for it to pass. However, if you know of any other cure, I'm all ears.


uma b. said...

Homeopatía? Mi hermana lo usó con las niñas...

V said...

tengo cita esta misma tarde! Keep you posted =)