Thursday, October 09, 2008

A concept worth copying

Each neighborhood in Hanover has a bookshelf such as this one somewhere, which is full of books. The concept is the following:

You can use the bookshelf anytime.

You can choose a book.

You can borrow it and bring it back.

You can keep it and replace it by another book.

When you like the book so much that you want to keep it a longer time, you can. But when it is really so good, others should also be able to read it.

When you have many books at home that you would like to bring to the bookshelf, then do so. But please only as many that fit in the bookshelf.

When something is broken, please call the following phone number xxxxxxx.

Now, is that great concept or is that an absofuckinglutely amazing concept many cities should copy?


Audrey said...

Dios!!! Todas las ciudades deberían tener un "servicio" así! El mundo sería un lugar mucho mejor....

Qué tal la renacuaja? ;)

Dafne Artigot said...

eso intentó hacerse en Madrid,de hecho a la entrada del retiro hay estanterías con algún resto...mejor no comento lo desastroso del resultado.Spain is diferent.

V said...

No me extraña nada que esta misma idea no haya funcionado en Madrid.