Monday, September 01, 2008

Tia Tambo

Emily's aunt Tia Tambo came to see us for the long weekend. Although I have to admit I had my fears, as my sister is 24 years old and more importantly still in the middle of an irresponsible party-till-you-drop-with-whatever-is-needed phase, everything went extremely well and I really enjoyed spending these days with my sister. As for Emily, she immediately adopted her. She usually needs some time to be apprivoisée (i.e. tamed), but didn't this time around. She spent 4 days smiling and even laughing for the first time with her aunt. She calmed down when Tia Tambo sang and read to her. My sister is the eldest of her 8 cousins on her mother's side and that taught her to take care and entertain small kids. She proved it to me these past days. I am now looking forward to being in Miami and letting Emily spend more time with her aunt. They both love each other SO much already!

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Audrey said...

Una vez, en un comentario, me pediste que si volvía a este mundillo cibernético te avisase.

Soy una mujer de palabra, así que ahí va:

Hay algunos cambios: ya soy una mujer trabajadora y A. tan sólo es un recuerdo. La inicial importante ahora es P. (por si acaso) jeje.

Espero verte pronto...