Wednesday, August 20, 2008

it could happen after all

I've been living in Hanover for two and half years now. Hard to believe it's been so long already. Although on the other hand it does feel like I've been here for an eternity. By all means much longer than planned. I've been pretty much feeling like lingering in a waiting room, as if my life was on hold. Leaving without M was never really an option, although I would have taken that job in Zurich if I had been given the opportunity. But things happen for a reason, and if I left my life in Madrid to live with M back in 2005, it certainly was not to find myself alone in Zurich in 2007. Life decided otherwise anyway. And I'm glad it did, as we now have a beautiful daughter. When we move, we'll move all three together. Which amazingly enough might actually happen now. The board gave the green light to M's transfer to Miami yesterday. No obstacles stand in the way to our new life any longer. Although we'll wait until the contract is signed before we open the champagne. A magnum bottle it will be!


Anonymous said...

Dios mío!! Dos años y medio en Hannover??? Pero si recuerdo perfectamente cuando tomaste la decisión de irte, cuando estábais buscando casa, cuando la estábais decorando... y parece que fue antes de ayer!!! jajaja cómo pasa el tiempo...

Espero que los tres juntos tengáis una vida feliz en cualquier lugar del mundo donde recaleis.

Un abrazo,


V said...

Gracias S =) Seguro que seremos muy felices en Miami los tres. Por lo menos por un tiempo, hasta que me entren las ganas de mudarme otra vez jeje ;-)