Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The weekend with the parents in law was definitely busy. It's never easy to show a city like Madrid in 3 days. You want to show them everything, yet give them the time to enjoy it, walk slowly, look up, look right, look left, take pictures, eat here, drink there, taste this and of course that... give them the time to 'live' this wonderful rich city. Quite proudly, I have to say that I acomplished my mission. They fell in love with Madrid. And we now all feel intimately comfortable with each other (it took me the actual total of 3 days to finally use the du/tu.)
The agitation continues this week as I have a double workload due to next week's holidays and refuse to stay in the office overtime to fully enjoy M's presence at home. Not to mention the necessity to take care of all the last minute arrangements for the Miami trip, such as packing, shopping orders, reservations, preparing the golden anniversay present, and what not. It's amazing how many last minute details there always are to a transatlantic vacation. On the plus side, anything we forget will be added to the already huge shopping list (hohoho.)


S said...

Es fácil enamorarse de Madrid y, contigo de guía, seguro que mucho más :) ¿Cuándo te vas a Miami pillina? ;)

Besossss :***

V said...

Mañana!!!!!!!!! Que ganas =) Besos!