Friday, September 30, 2005

Monika and Günter

My weekend should be quite interesting and different. My future parents-in-law are in town and staying at my house until Monday. As they have never been in Madrid before, sightseeing is mostly on the program, the obvious shopping, tapas stops, and of course nice dinners celebrating M's birthday over and over. Also in the agenda, many pre and post dinner cocktails, hopefully followed by some dancing once they are a bit blau (i.e. tipsy in German.) Because one thing is for sure: my parents in law are hilarious when tipsy. In last night's preview, they offered me the 'du' (i.e. tu in Spanish and French) and I no longer have to call them Mr and Mrs S, but Monika and Günter. A HUGE step! Let's see what other big steps will occur this promising weekend.


Nat said...

Monika and Günter...sorry but I can't help it...... hi hi.... I watched to many "Friends" episodes....

Enjoy your we with the family!

V said...

Yup, but if you bring up 'Friends' let me remind you that you are indeed very much like the character of Monica. Not my mother in law, thankfully ;-)

S said...

Yo también me acordé de Friends!! jajaja estamos obsesionadas ;)
Suerte con tus suegros y ya nos contarás si has dado algún pasito más.