Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I don't give a rat's ass

I cannot say that I did not expect it to happen. I really did, since the very first day I inherited it from my colleague. It had been passed on and on, from co-worker to co-worker, its memory and space decreasing slowly, its system slowing down dangerously. No matter how much space I freed, junk I deleted, and TLC I offered, it was not getting better. So it really should not have been a surprise this morning when, ten minutes into my work, the screen of my laptop turned black and any key I pressed made a high-pitched scary beeping sound.

But it was. No matter how much you expect some things to happen, they often come as a shock when they finally do occur. On the bright side, as I really do not believe that our lousy IT department will be able to save/repair it, this incident might finally get me the new laptop I was promised 18 months ago (which should leave me approx. 2 weeks with no access to my computer, i.e. no way to work.) On the realistic side, I will probably inherit an old laptop from someone who will indeed get a brand new one, supposedly deserving it more that myself, even if they NEVER travel. The truth is, when your company knows that you are looking elsewhere and will thus leave soon, you’re pretty much f***ed when it comes to new and interesting projects and equipment. Now ask me if I had backed up all the reports, stats, and files? The answer is no, and I don’t give a rat’s ass!

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Larry3000 said...

just wanted to leave you a note thanking you for your kind words on my blog. also you should know: scott is another faithful reader. i'm the writer.