Wednesday, August 23, 2006


"I think now is the perfect time to ask you. Will you marry me?"
"Are you serious?"
"Yes, I am."
"In that case you know my answer. Yes. Of course I want to marry you."

This conversation happened seven weeks ago. We have since then decided that we will get married next spring in Switzerland, and have spent our three-week-holiday drinking champagne and announcing the big news to our family. They are all thrilled. As for me, I am starting to feel a bit stressed/overwhelmed. I actually need to organise this whole event. But first things first, I need to find the special place we have in mind for this big party!


Anonymous said...

FELICIDADESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! qué ilusión chica! Seguro que serás una novia guapa guapa ;)

Un besazo y, de nuevo, enhorabuena a los dos MUA


Anonymous said...

Ups, he puesto mi nombre sin querer!!!! jajaja confío en q me guardes el secreto ;)

Un beso, S (ahora sí :))

V said...

Gracias S! No te preocupes, tu secreto está a salvo ;-)