Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Civil wedding

In two days we will celebrate our civil wedding in Hannover's altes Rathaus. Because it is was only a formality for us, I was very surprised to see that my mother, father, and grandmother immediately decided to come to Hannover for the occasion, and spend the weekend all together. M’s parents consider November 24th as our real wedding day and have therefore organized the entire dinner celebration with both of our families. What was supposed to be a simple formality turned into a family event, we soon both looked forward to.

Everything is ready for the big day. Or at least everything was, as my grandmother will now most probably be unable to come, being sick in bed since last Thursday. Yaya can’t eat, can’t sleep, is therefore weak, and has pains in her stomach. The ultrasound showed nothing today, and so the next step is a blood test. My mother is extremely worried and will decide tomorrow, if she herself can come or if she needs to stay in Switzerland with her. I simply cannot imagine both my grandmother and my mother not being here on Friday. I honestly don’t know how I’ll be able to truly enjoy it without them there.

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