Thursday, January 11, 2007

Getting old

We were invited to dinner at my friend's Sus last night, to finally meet the four of us and se mettre à la page after the holidays, my new job and what not. Of course baby Gabriel was also present, although he only participated by sitting on his daddy´s laps and emitting a few iamworkinghardonmydigestion sounds from time to time. He is, thankfully for my friends, a very good and quiet baby boy and we were therefore able to dine and chat at our leisure. The delicious Portuguese red wine kept flowing generously, proud Daddy F wanting to celebrate his son´s 2 month birthday como Dios manda. Even his best Grappa ended on the table at coffee time, but for the record, only our men touched it.

The evening was lovely, and we headed home at a decent hour, or so I thought. Going to bed at one in the morning and working the next day had indeed never been a problem in the past. But it was today, as I suffered from a hungover and lack of sleep at the office. I clearly remember drinking much more, sleeping much less and being absolutely fine the next day not so long ago. My alcohol tolerance has definitely diminished consequently. I am getting old.


Nat said...

you're not getting old,
you have a HUGE LACK of training....
so no worries, and drinking is like the bicycle, you never loose your practice!

V said...

good point Nat! I certainly do have a lack of training. However, I do fear that age has an effect on alcohol tolerance and sleeping patterns... I therefore better start training immediately for the end of April ;-)