Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I need to make choices. I simply cannot go on like this, waiting for it to happen, it being anything that will take me to the next phase of my life. Where to next? My choices are limited and none of them is perfect.

Should I focus on my career and look for a new interesting challenging job? Even if that means moving again, going back to a situation similar to Madrid, seeing M only on the weekends? Not exactly how I had envisioned my married life. And it does feel a bit like going backwards, throwing away what was achieved in the last year. Should I then prioritize my couple, stay in Hanover and recycle professionally, i.e. forget about my career, my experience, and do something totally new? Or should I rather fulfill my desire to have a child, although being in Hanover and living only on one salary is far from the perfect setting? Ni puta idea. I feel completely lost.

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uma b. said...

What i would do...:

- Make no plans
- Go with the flow
- Serve cocktails at a bar or something fun for petty cash
- Play with your time
- Call me whenever you want