Thursday, March 29, 2007

Long due

I have been pondering about writing a new post for days now. I know it's long due. I should have written about my trip to the south of Germany. I should have told you how I very much liked Nürnberg and the bavarian countryside; how Munich was a bit of a disappointment, maybe because we only spent there a few hours, but also because I had high expectations.

The truth is I have been procrastinating about what to write next. The endless and frustrating decision making of our honeymoon? My neverending and disencouraging job search? The wedding organization? Nothing sounds appealing. Haven't I already written about all that a gazillion times?

No. Today, instead of writing a long due post, I am heading to the gym and will start at last the long due getting-in-shape-to-look-beautiful-for-my-wedding process.

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