Friday, March 09, 2007


I had many resolutions when I left Madrid and moved to Germany. One of them was to take advantage of being up here to visit the neighboring countries and regions. Copenhaguen, Budapest, Amsterdam (where Uma b. and I had said we would meet but of course never did), Bavaria, Dresden, Berlin, and many more. The reality is that I haven't seen much in the past year, except for Berlin and our neighbor cities of Hamburg and Bremen.

But I am doing something about it this weekend: M and I are driving down to Bavaria today. We plan to visit Nuernberg (and seeing some friends of M), Munich, Fulda, Wuerzenburg, and many other charming bavarian villages. It will be a short 4 day trip, but we'll definitely make the most out of it. Ich freue mich wahnsinnig!

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Anonymous said...

Desgraciadamente, no tengo tiempo para ponerme al día leyendo tu blog, y créeme que lo siento. ¿Te has casado ya? ¿Qué tal Mark? Hacía mucho que no me pasaba por la ciudad... pero me ha emocionado tu comentario.

Gracias. Yo a ti también te tengo un "cariño" especial. Espero que te vayan muy bien las cosas. Un beso desde Asturias.