Tuesday, March 06, 2007

L'Art de la Beauté

Last week was all about solving our welcome get-together for our guests on the eve of our wedding day. All is now set, location, catering, and all other details.

This week is about finding a solution for my make-up for the big day. I obviously need to look my best, and therefore need to find someone who will make me look naturally beautiful. I considered the obvious solution of doing it with the hairdresser in the village itself. However, I stumbled on an article and found out that Shu Uemura has opened a Beauty School in Paris, l'Art de la Beauté, to teach us women how to do our make-up for our wedding day, adapted to our face shape, eye/skin/hair color, and of course wedding dress and party. This concept already exists in Japan apparently. I'd learn how to do my make-up (something I wanted to do forever), I'd spend a weekend in Paris with my mother (who immediately agreed to meet me there), I'd do the course with Nat, I'd be away from Hannover just when M has his bachelor party (did I mention the boys are going to Amsterdam?), and of course I'd solve the make-up issue for the wedding. Wow. Don't think it work out any better actually.

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