Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Another red balloon

Despite our weak health condition, Saturday was a beautiful day. M's uncle and aunt took us to the Deister for a 15km walk in the forest, stopping here and there at the different towers and cabins converted into little cafés. We could not have been luckier with the weather: blue sky and ideal Fall temperatures. In the evening, they invited us to have dinner at their house, and were quite surprised to hear that their balloon was the fifth and last one we had gotten back. We were actually quite happy to have gotten five red balloons back at all, as we truly did not expect so many people to participate and send it back to us. Besides, as we said jokingly, since theirs was found in the south of France, we did not expect Northern Africa to play the game!
But to our very big surprise and joy, we got another card yesterday in the post. The sixth red balloon was found, this time near Geneva, approximately 150km away from where our wedding took place. Our present this time is a dinner with the friends of M's parents.

So, bets are now open: considering approximately 70-75 balloons were released, was this the last balloon we'll get back, or do you think we'll receive others back and how many?

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