Friday, September 07, 2007

brilliant once again

He did it again. Khaled Hosseini wrote a beautiful touching second novel and I devoured it and loved it just as much as "The Kite Runner." Or maybe even more so, as I felt very close to the women he portrays this time around. The lifes of Mariam and Laila could seem crude and exageratedly melodramatic, as one horror succeeds the other; it is however a sadly accurate version of what many Afghan women have experienced. Except for some of the unrealistic romantic and fairy-tale turns that is, but they make the novel enjoyable and readable. Call me naive, but I enjoyed its happy twists!


uma b. said...

i have that book waiting for me to finish with the last potter... about a week to go and i'm so excited!!!!

V said...

Oh that you can be =) Enjoy Darling!