Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A memorable Saturday afternoon

My father had the wonderful idea of going to lunch and visit the Mezquita in Cordoba last Saturday. So we jumped on the AVE (fast train) at noon and two hours later we were in the Southern city of Cordoba. Yes, everything is feasible when you're not on a budget that is.

A small parenthesis to share with you a funny fact: on the way to the Atocha train station, my father took a taxi and was literally screamed at, laughed at and called a fool by the taxi driver for going to the hottest place in Spain on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of a heat wave. Pure madness he called it. The fact of the matter is that the taxi driver was right: it was 43 degrees celsius (approx 106 Farenheit) when we arrived.

So after a supposedly nouvelle cuisine gourmet lunch at El Pais recommended Choco restaurant, we headed to the Mezquita, a mix of a mosque built by the Mores and Christian churches and chapels. A stunning combination of Jesus and Allah, crosses and mosaics, yet everything blending in. Esthetically extraordinary. It was beautiful, peaceful and by all means worth the sweat, the heat, the bad lunch, and even the indigestion!

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