Tuesday, June 07, 2005


While Uma B. wonders if she'll disappear, I myself feel invisible.

Invisible as in lost or hidden in the dark.

Invisible as in time going by and yet nothing worth mentioning happening.

Invisible as if someone locked me in a waiting cell and all I can do is just that: wait, not visible to anyone.


Anonymous said...

For god's sake!! What's the matter with you all!??;-))
Short message for UmaB. and Lovely V. (with all my respect for you both and just trying to cheer you up): I don't know you but for your blogs, but even so the last thing I can imagine is UmaB. being in a fading process and you being invisible!!
C'me on! ;-))

Nat said...

Hey! You're far from being unvisible!! You're in my mind each day, and not only for your management skills but for your friendship and security you give around you. It'll take time to reach your goals, but you're one of the most determined person I know, and you have a good star watching you over. Don't forget you took a big decision, and this was a huge step! Keep faith in yourself & your friends.