Thursday, June 09, 2005

A question of honor

Ok, envision a drawing of a friendly baby crocodile.
Then listen to this
And now the million dollar question: how do I make this a mobile success on the Spanish market?

Unfortunately, this is no joke. The crocodile is called
Schnappi and this little German song has been a HUGE success in most European countries. I am therefore now obliged to do the same. It's an honor issue.

Unless not making it a hit will make me loose my job. Hmmmm... something to consider!


Anonymous said...

I live in Germany and after months hearing the damned "schni, scha, schnappi..." I just hope that the song doesn't follow me to Spain. Would you please wait till my holiday is over and I have to return to Germany?? ;-)))

PS: By the way, "Schnappi" is not that "in" anymore, but there's the song about the "Lama", also sung by Joy. Another nightmare! ;-))

V said...

Don't worry, the Spanish Schnappi action plan is for September thru Christmas. Enjoy your holidays!