Monday, June 27, 2005

Never ending

The trip to Lausanne this weekend was never ending. Between all the train, airport and flights delays, I have spent approximately 20 hours in the above mentioned places. Evidently, I will send a very mean letter to Iberia today to get a much deserved compen-sation!

On the positive side, the short stay in the beautiful house overlooking the
Lake Léman was wonderful: Summer temperatures, sun, pool, and delicious food surrounded by loved ones.

And on the excellent side, Marc's interview went extremely well, the conditions offered are close to sensational, and we should have a definite answer by the end of the week.


Nat said...

Hey! Let's cross our fingers for your lover's job!!!
And on the other hand, you know you have my "benediction" to send a beautiful letter to the best Airline we know!!!.....

uma b. said...

Ahhh... ripaille dreaming... *deep sigh*

V said...

The house on the lakeside wasn't in Ripaille though. Remember the Captain drinking game night in the house where the alarm started ringing? THAT was this weekend's house ;-)