Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Current status

Feeling: lazy, bored and unmotivated
Physically located: in the office
Mentally located: everywhere but the office. Have been pretty much surfing the net all day long: blogs, job search, astrological previsions, travel deals, gossips, and much much more.
Reading: I started Atlas Shrugged as soon as I started my holidays and have been reading it every single day by the pool. Yet, I have still not finished it and I am seriously not a slow reader. The book has 1075 physical pages but seriously, it is written so small and condensed that each page counts double in my book. Other than that, I am loving it.
Listening to: mainly the last albums of Jack Johnson and Coldplay, even if the holidays included a variety of genres ranging from Madonna's 80s hits to Bob Marley.
Looking forward to: Nat's visit this weekend which promises, not to say ensures a wild and intense mission of quemar Madrid; Marc coming back for a week in August; the jornada intensiva starting in August (which basically means starting early, around 9am and leaving extra early, around 3pm); being the only one in the office (and thus being able to cheat on the jornada intensiva official hours) and spending the afternoon at my uncle's pool two blocks away from the office!
Eating: After a quite healthy diet during the holidays, consisting of lots of fruits and vegetables, I have decided to try to continue even if it is not as easy when I work. Let's see how I do and if I loose some weight at last (seeing myself in the pics from the holidays has horrified me!)

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