Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A perfect balance

Friday: After some shopping and some cocktails, we started the evening with a degustation menu in a wonderful 'secret' little terrace.

We then headed to a few bars in Chueca (too bad the bartender was taken, sino Nat se lo abria comido) and ended up closing a pretty cool outdoors club.

Saturday: Nothing better than a house and a garden outside of Madrid with some new and old friends, a paella and a sangria to cure the hangover ;-)

Nat being a player, she obviously had to start some 'surprise shower games.' But when you play with fire chances are you'll get it even worse... here's the proof!

After the obliged nap, we had a great dinner eating 'Miami-like' sushi. Yes, you read my right, I can finally find edamame, spicy tuna, dinamite and rainbow rolls in Madrid =)

Drinks and bar hopping in Malasaña. This lamp was at Blue Note and looked really cool standing out against the bright blue wall.

After dancing our night away at Sala Sol (donde Nat finalmente se comio a su primer españolito, Miguel Angel LOL), we just HAD to taste the spaghettis of Lady Pepa, fortunately empty because of the long weekend. Sunday was therefore synonym of attempting to sleep with the bright sun and afternoon heat and brunch when we finally got out of bed.

Overall an exquisite weekend, a perfectly balanced mix of everything I wanted and needed.


Nat said...

Let's confirm and give few details....
-Degustation Menu: our Bank won't think the same...
- Bartender in Chueca: He's been honest and that's why I did not get him... because I NEVER GET THE HONEST GUY!!!
- Paella/Sangria/Hangover: we had a nap before dinner (hum... we woke up at 22:00...) but as alcohol level was high enough, we not even had a 2nd hangover
- AH!!!! Big moment in my life!!! Saturday 23rd July oups... Sunday 24th July: for the first time in my life, I kissed a Spanish men!
- And the Spaghettis: Against and over everything, we had to go there!!!

V said...

3. loin de moi l'idée d'être mauvaise mais là t'as l'air + bourrée que samedi =P
4. You kissed Spanish mEn? Not only Miguel Angel? Where were you hiding I didn't see that? Was that before or after despidar Pablo? ;-)

Nat said...

hija puta