Friday, July 22, 2005

A weekend with a mission

I love receiving visits from friends. Whether it's their first time in Madrid and you get to show them everything you love about this city, seeing it through their marveled eyes and quickly making them fall in love with it like Beanie, or simply enjoying the city with friends who used to live here and miss it. The second is the case of Nat who is in Madrid for the weekend. The mission this weekend is thus very clearly defined: quemar Madrid. Great restaurants, delicious dinners, girl talk, long nights, live music, cool hip bars, eating spaghettis afterhours, big brunches with bloody marys, and of course the imperative shoe shopping for the shoe addict!

I shall definitely tell you about all mentionable details of the long weekend when it's over. That's right, I said long weekend: thankfully Monday is off and I might very much need it to recharge my batteries and empty my body from all the toxines I'm going to be ingesting (I no longer have the aguante I used to have and was famous for since I passed the bar of 30); so I'll either be a total
couch potato or jump in a train and pay a long postponed and much needed visit to Uma b. @ El Escorial! Uma b. is now the proud mother of Duke Bruno, but she certainly was the expert party queen of this city before this new stage of her life, the one who showed me how to enjoy and love la marcha madrileña and what quemar Madrid really means!

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