Friday, August 05, 2005

Illegal aliens

The heat is back in the city. Thankfully my workday ends at 15h with the jornada intensiva (since Monday and until August 31st) which means spending the afternoon at my uncle's pool with M (yes he's back in Madrid for 1 week vacation and yes he has loads of vacation.) The only bearable place to be except for air-conditioned places and home with all the windows and blinds closed (option which would make me look like a vampire instead of having this beautiful tan!)

My uncle lives in a horrible condo building near my office, meaning also in an uncentered uninteresting neighbourhood. However, his horrible building shares a quite nice large pool with two other horrible condo buildings and so I get to use it whenever I want during the summer and I don't need to look like a condom like others. So I need to pretend that I live there as only the residents of the condos are allowed to use the pool area, as they pay for it. The swim guard who is supposed to be checking that is not the problem, he doesn't give a shit. The real guards are the old marujas of the condos (by marujas please understand the bored gossipy housewives) who spend their entire days by the pool, grouped together to better gossip about everyone and everything as they are more frustrated and bitter than ever since their entire families left on holidays without them.

We have been careful and lucky until now, as they have not rightfully accused us of illegally using their pool (even if it is empty except for them and us anyway,) but the truth is that we are always walking on eggshells while there: we make sure to arrive in pool clothes as if we were coming from our condo (by going to my uncle's flat to change beforehand as he too is away on vacation,) we are as discreet as humanly possible and try to make ourselves invisible, we almost whisper as I am sure that they will immediately kick us out if they hear us talking in English, we lay as further away from them as possible, etc. Silly I know, and most probably useless, but I cannot take the risk to be forbidden from the pool for the rest of the long and lonely month of August that awaits me! What on Earth would become of me?!

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Nat said...

you'll never get my pic looking like a condom....