Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sue Ellen's latest attempt

If you read my previous post describing the people I work with, you already have a pretty good idea of my boss, who has a new nickname by the way: Sue Ellen (please refer to the all-time classic Dallas Tv show, and for all you youngsters who are not familiar with it, too bad, you missed something BIG.)

Well, Sue Ellen is definitely not to be trusted. In any way. N E V E R. However, she has been trying to win my trust lately, by referring me for a job in Switzerland for example. Sorry Sue, does not work. Will never work. I will however not be as mean as to refuse her favors!

Her very last attempt is to invite me and the NPI (my co-worker's nickname i.e. N the incompetent bitch) to the very much anticipated illdoanythingtogetaticket U2 concert in Madrid next Thursday the 11th. She has even planned pre-concert drinks at her nearby flat. I am definitely stunned. And very excited about going to the concert. Too bad I'll be with both of them but hey I get to go to a very cool concert so who cares. Besides Sue will definitely be in her drunken state which at least makes her laughable at. So the hardest part of the evening will be to ignore the other one.


Anonymous said...

Ohh my god!! I do really envy you! Who cares if she's "un bicho"??!! You're gonna see BONO!!!

Pleaasse, we want pics, many, many pics!!! ;-))

Nat said...

You definitely MUST call me during this concert and share a beautiful song with me!!!!