Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's up to me

‘I am not in a good place right now.’ I always found that expression quite funny and vague. It can mean so many things, as in ‘not really happy’, a ‘bit sad’ or depressed, or simply ‘not satisfied with oneself.’ Every time I heard it though, it always referred to a mental state of mind and was never meant literally; the bad place had nothing to do with geographical location.

Lately I really feel like I am not in a good place. By this I don’t mean that I am depressed or that I don’t enjoy being in Madrid any longer. Rather that I don’t feel as good as I usually do and that I maybe tend to see things negatively lately. The wait is affecting me at last. I yearn for change. All in all not a good place.

I have however decided to do something about it. One thing I have learned in this life is that we all have the power to change things around. It’s up to me. And so I have decided that going to a gym to exercise and unwind after a workday will make me feel much better about myself. In the meantime.

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S said...

Jajaja, te admiro!! Yo hubiese buscando cientos de soluciones antes que decidirme por la de apuntarme al gimnasio :P

Suerte :) :*