Monday, November 21, 2005

In limbo

My life is a big question mark at the moment, consisting of uncertainties and undefined variables. Yes, it is obviously and logically due to the intermediate or transitional state I am going thru, the big move, but it's a bit disheartening. Especially when all I am trying to do is 'help' my boss by giving her the time to find my replacement, whom she then wants me to train for 2 entire weeks. It's all fine and dandy in theory, except for the fact that she's already had 12 days but hasn't arranged anything yet, and for the inevitability that I have to pack all my stuff, empty my flat and make all the necessary arrangements to leave Madrid before Christmas. It’s simply not going to be feasible, and frankly, I am sorry to say that I refuse to be the one suffering from it. I am gonna have to play dirty.


Nat said...

Oh yes, pleaaaaaase play Dirty!!!!!!

Mandala a tomar po'l culo!!!

S said...

Eso, sé mala, que mola más :P

Cuando no estés en este santo país, seguirás escribiendo en el blog no? :$

Besosss :)

V said...

LOL Nat. That was a very predictable comment from you!

Seré MUY mala S, empezando hoy mismo. Y no te preocupes, claro que seguiré escribiendo este blog. Tendré que contaros mis experiencias germanicas ¿no?